Open Crossings

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The works heard here translate theatrical
physicality into a variety of musical
impulses, drawing inspiration from
Balkan, Appalachian and Jewish
influences, the music of Bartók, and
setting the poetry of Mahmoud
Darwish and Robert Service. The
results juxtapose folk and new-music
styles in a series of compelling and
highly satisfying scenarios.


A collection of pieces originally composed for dance, that have been, in some cases, re-orchestrated and edited for the CD. Choreographers who used this music include Sara Pearson, Monica Levy, Liz Lerman, Nina Wiener, Randy Warshaw, and Terry Creach. 

It includes a poem by Walt Whitman and works for string quartet, harmonica, Jew’s Harp, and electronics.

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Welcome to  Willieworld

This is a collaborative CD created with the poet Maggie Dubris, and entirely based on her writings about her experiences as a paramedic in Hell’s Kitchen and other New York neighborhoods. Her stories include homeless people, doctors, and the police.

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The NYFA Collection

This is a collection of composers, including Andy Teirstein, Meredith Monk, Pauline Oliveros, Joan Tower, and others who all received NYFA fellowships over the years.

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Winter Man

A CD of excerpts from the award-winning musical theater work by Andy Teirstein and Lance Henson, with singing by Susan Dawn Carson, David Lutken, Lori Wilner and others, and narration by Glenn Close.