Other Performing Projects

Woody Sez

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame calls Woody Guthrie "the original folk hero; a man who, in the Thirties and Forties, transformed the folk ballad into a vehicle for social protest and observation and in so doing, paved the way for Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen and a host of other folk and rock songwriters who have been moved by conscience to share experiences and voice opinions in a forthright manner.

This Land is Your Land

The US State Department, in coordination with Theater J,  is producing a tour of “This Land is Your Land,” a school presentation about Woody Guthrie, in East Jerusalem.

The Vanaver Caravan

Situated in the Hudson Valley of New York, The Vanaver Caravan is an internationally acclaimed nonprofit dance and music troupe with a vast repertoire of world and American folk dance styles and a long history of professional touring, humanitarian work, peace advocacy, and widely celebrated arts-education programs.



Cluck old hen

A film produced and created by Andy Teirstein, with dancer Max Teirstein, and with Olga Hiiva, Julie Lyon Rose, and Irya Gittelson.